Friday, 7th September at 9.30 h

This tour is sold out due to maximum 30 hikers

We start from Hotel Skagen Strand og walk to Hulsig Station, go by train to Strandby where Denmark’s largest Viking treasure was found 4 years ago. Then we walk north along old paths through varying natural surroundings that hide many stories and large nature experiences like the great ocean, the marvelous woods and the beautiful heath. Mankind has lived here for thousands of years, moving towards the top of Denmark. From Strandby the tour goes to Jerup from where we go back to Hulsig by train.

Registration fee includes traintickets and a sandwich, fruit and 1/2 l. water

Guide: Naturvejleder Bo Storm

Length: 8 km | Expected duration: Approx. 6 timer |Degree of difficulty: Medium