Why hiking?

There are plenty of reasons. It strengthens your bones and muscles. It is gentle exercise for your ankle, knee and hip joints. Hiking can reduce your sugar cravings and you burn off calories. Hiking reduces the risk of lifestyle-related conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It may also increase your ability to relax and reduce feelings like nervousness and stress. It can improve your memory and prevent dementia. Besides, it is the cheapest and most simple way of training.

Find some good advice prior to the hike.

The Skagen region

The region around Skagen has an infinite amount of possibilities of fantastic hiking in varied landscapes. Here are perfect surroundings – either in the exciting heaths, the area near the dune Råbjerg Mile or along the coastline. This and many other things is what you will experience during the hiking festival. Enjoy some quite unique nature experiences and get a chance to see Skagen from a different angle – together with local guides who take you along paths and trails that you would never have found on your own.

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The social part

Hiking means exercise and fresh air and, not least, also social get-together. Hiking tours quite often result in a special and non-binding sense of community. You will have lots of opportunities of trying your social skills during the hiking festival. We arrange communal dinners every evening; and during breakfast you can plan the day’s stages. You would not want to miss the festive Saturday night event either.

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