Good advice for the hike

Many seem to think that hiking requires good physical condition and expensive equipment. That is not true. Our hiking festival is for everybody, and you can choose the hike that suits your physical condition. You can choose among several tours with different lengths, duration and degree of difficulty. Comprehensive equipment will not be needed either. Sensible footwear and clothing adapted to weather conditions will do in most cases.

We have compiled some pieces of good advice before start.

Sun and wind

Remember to use suntan lotion when hiking in bright daylight. A hat with a medium-sized brim is a good idea. You avoid sun directly in your eyes and the brim shades for part of the sun that comes in from the sides as well. Don’t forget that just one hour in the sun may result in sunburn – also in September.

A light windbreaker with a hood comes in handy when you walk in windy areas. Use several layers of clothing instead of one big jacket; this will make it easier for you to adjust your body temperature.


We recommend a waterproof cape so body heat can escape during the hike. For heavy rain and wind you might want to bring along rain trousers as well. Instead of rubber boots you could also wear footwear with Gore-Tex.

The new sweat absorbent and waterproof jackets are also a well suited for the purpose. If you plan long hikes you should test your wet weather gear on a rainy day first. Not everything keeps what it promises. A small, light umbrella to fight off the worst rain could be a good idea as well.


There are many types of hiking boots available in the market. However, many simply prefer to walk in solid outdoor footwear, perhaps combined with hiking sandals. Being able to change your footwear on the way may be comfortable, especially during longer hikes. Make sure that you have tested your footwear before you start a long hike. Bring an extra pair of socks because moist feet are more sensitive to blisters, and this may spoil your hike.

Also be aware of the potential encounter with ticks. Trouser legs with rubber bands around the ankles provide a very good protection from ticks – and tick bites.

Food and beverage

We provide you with a sandwich and ½ litre of water before the start. If you think you will need more, please bring it yourself. Energy bars and coffee/tea might be welcome on long hikes but, still, water quenches your thirst better than anything else.

Carry whatever you bring along on your back. Especially on long tours it is important that your knapsack fits perfectly and follows your body movements.

You could also bring a mat to sit on during breaks.